Haunted by thoughts of her at a late hour

Dripping as I stroll from the shower

Thoughts higher than the Eiffel tower leaning towards her like the Tower of Pisa

Hate it so much that sometimes I’m a coward

Three steps back after just one forward

Forever away it seems further never forward

Too good to be true I tell myself it’s a lie and in my depths I doubt it.

..but why doubt perfection. …yes you make me feel perfect….

It’s not an act. I am not pretending….

I might lie but it’s because I need to impress you. ….

The real me would never deserve the real you…..

But still I try struggling through myself. My limitations, much doubt. Self putty to claw into your heart…..

This is my hearts song

Too long I know, just don’t get me wrong. …..

I am looking at the love I have for you in a mirror. ……

A reflection of my soul

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