WTF: A Teacher Locked A 5-Year-Old Girl In The Closet Then Did What? [VIDEO]

i weep for humanity..

The Urban Daily

Akeelah Joseph

This story out of Memphis is beyond wild. According to WREG Kristin Ohsfeldt allegedly got upset with little Akeelah Joseph and locked her in a closet as punishment. This in and of itself is bad enough but what happened next was unforgivable! Take a look at the story in the video below!

We don’t know where this teacher got her degree but we’re pretty sure the books she read didn’t teach her to lock little children in the closet if she didn’t like their behavior. And further more you don’t go home and leave them there!

We hope that beautiful little girl Akeelah knows how brave we think she is! Good job keeping calm Miss Akeelah! We’re so proud of you!


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