Because you asked

The physical manifestation of happiness.. Is how I can aptly describe them. The truest reflection of joy and bliss, but mind they can also be cynical and tinged with hate and malice.
I look upon a smile and can’t help but smile too because of the energy and life it gives me and just love the sight of those pearly whites. Going to try by all means not to make this about her . This after all is simply about smiles and the emotions that invoke and are evoked by them.
For some reason it has taken me an age to sit down and write this. Which in itself is kind of odd, considering I usually just do it in a minute. Had to smile when I typed the first word though, because I knew the rest would come soon enough and come they have. And see am smiling again at that.
My happiness knows no bounds and its an all knowing smile, a side smile if I may for lack of a better word at the moment. A smile reserved for moments I read a text that evokes joy, a moment I look upon and familiar and beloved face, a moment I wake up from a blissful dream and a moment I just realise there is more to it than just what’s on the surface.
A Game of Shadows maybe. But that also makes me smile. Apparently smiling has become second nature to me. Good thing that is, seeing as it takes less strain on the face than say frowning, which coincidentally I frown upon. Smiling and grinning hmmm, what has the world come to?? Am a cynic for crying out loud and am writing about smiles. The irony and horror of it all is unimaginable and the idea my alter ego would deem crass.
So back to smiles. Had one over the weekend which just wouldn’t go away nomatter how much I tried to shirk it. The blasted thing haunted me even in my sleep. Felt like a clown, but my smile wasn’t painted on it was, what it was, a genuine smile of affection. Probably the very same thing pushing me to write this and smile while am at it.
Now that’s out of the way I wonder if I should look at the the other kinds of smiles. The I am gonna get you smile, the I will kill you smile, the you not even clever smile and the smile that could make a baby cringe and cry. But not today hey. Had 10 or so minutes to do this before I got out of bed, so enjoy the smiles. Because invariably that is what smiles are for!!!


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