Chapter 1

Chapter 1
“thought and language are
to an artist instruments
of Art”
What to write about though?? Maybe I should combine the two things that have brought me the most pleasure of late and let the words flow as they may. Will strive do so in a series of chapters in line with a book am reading and am sure you know of which. Have noticed of late that that;
“every impulse that we
strive to strangle, only broods
in the mind and poisons us”
It is therefore something best served seeing the light of day. We should all deign to be adventurous, carefree, unhibited and be lifes TRUE exhibitionists. Clothes, masks and all other props only serve to hide what we essentially truly should make known. What do we have after all but just our lives, which we live only once. Can we but aspire for immortality and a dance with the gods?? Or that is a dream truly not ours to realise. Words and art can live on though and immortalise our beings. This is what every writer aspires for!!
Which brings me to her again.. *sigh*. Is she but a figment of my rabid imagination or reality personified you may wonder!! Perhaps I should explain;
” when I like people immensely,
I never tell their names to
anyone. It is like surrendering
a part of them..”
By inference am sure you now understand why I have not named Papillon as yet. Why she teases the imagination as to her name, why I write and why I smile. It is thus a simple matter;
” the commonest thing is only
delightful if only one hides it”
So to truly “own” the happiness that festers and bubbles incessantly in me I hide her from the worlds prying eyes. So then I must confess the obvious;
” I knew that I had come face to
face with someone who’s mere
personality was so fascinating that
if I allowed it to do so would
absorb my whole nature, my
whole soul, my very art itself”
It seems so poignant to highlight that, to make you aware of the intensity of it all. I had a
” strange feeling that fate had in
store for me exquisite joys..”
Joys I have found and savoured and become a savant at them all and a TRUE connoisseur!! I have but one mere regret, and that, I will whisper in her ear. Something to make her smile because it undoubtabley does for me even if it is but a regret. A mere one mind you.
Oh but a remark has been put forth that requires addressing though and I just had to put it in this piece for some reason.. Maybe because its bound to make her smile or sigh..
” those who are faithful only know
the trivial side of love; it is the
faithless who know loves
That should give you something to ponder until chapter two..


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