Chapter 2-4

Chapter 2-4
How easy it is to find parallels in this classic with certain aspects which enable me to use it, thus, as a foundation or framework upon which I tell the thoroughly enthralling tale of a muse and so much more.. Consequently, its never going to be a summation of the book or a synopsis of any kind.. It my own unique twist on a classic and, her a revelation, which also profers a modicum of validation for my thoughts..
Am going to cheat a little and compress three chapters.. So where were we? Oh, now I remember, loves tragedies and all that malarkey, *chuckles*, but it is TRUE though. A blight on happiness it might be, but oh so TRUE. You couldn’t have lived and loved without experiencing that..
This brings me to something i have always found intriguingly so. What is temptation? Why is it always ever present, and why does is represent something to be feared? Aren’t we always tempted in one way or the other? In love, in life and all other aspects of life it is all so easy to be lost… but
” the only way to get rid of
temptation is to yield to it”
So simple a statement and yet the meaning behind it is undeniable, its so prosaic and so utterly and brutally honest. Why fight the inevitable as she has told me on several occasions? .. If am to bare my soul, then to her all the secrets should lie and find a haven, a utopia in her bosom and wizened being.. Temptation then;
” resist it and your soul grows
sick with longing for things it
has forbidden itself..”
So there is no way you could ever win. No way you could ever get rid of the pangs and the tugs on ones heartstrings when you truly ensnared. The heart wants what it wants. So goodbye to the sabbatical on love and relationships, and hello to something new.. Uncharted waters and promises of bliss.. And surmounted a great obstacle in essence have I..
Emotions were never to be part of the equation. It was all supposed to be so simple, so natural and so animalistic. But alas I find
” smiles chasing each other..”
A never ending exquisite feeling, the aftertaste of which, that’s always sweeter than the nectar of the Gods. Even Aphrodite would blush in its presence and bow to it’s pleasures. You have to understand though, that;
” the advantage of emotions
is that they lead us astray..”
That is a luxury I can afford and gladly welcome. The feeling of the freedom it offers has no measure. As I have often stated I was awoken from my lackadaisical slumber by Papillon. Only she knows the power she has wielded over my senses since;
“she is all the great heroines of
the world in one. She is more
than an individual… I want
the dead lovers of the world
to hear our laughter and grow
sad. I want a breath of our
passion to stir their dust into
consciousness, to wake their
That is a dream I aspire for from with the passion she exalts in me.
And, oh, the first time I heard her voice was a revelation itself;
” I never heard such a voice. It
was very low at first, with deep
mellow notes that seemed to
fall singly upon ones ear.. It
had all the tremulous that one
hears just before dawn..”
It had the sublime effect of engorging my phallus actually, and I felt as virile as a bull in heat.. Shit what a sensation it was. And I unashamedly admit to this from my perch on the peak of the highest stoop I can find, or better yet from a couple of stories up in the skyline am staring into. A phenom I applaud with the utmost sincerity and, always, a constant cause of a sly smile or soft chuckle from my lips. Never has a voice caused so much pleasure as much as distress in me. How could I surely crumble so easily?? What happened to the Alpha in me that could so be humbled by those mere first words?? Should i believe that:
” women represent the triumph
of matter over mind..”
A bit crass as it may be, but with her its a bit different as most things always are. She epitomizes so much more. She is Athena, she is Artemis, she is Aphrodite, she one of the seven muses and she is still so much more. She has a way with words, phrases, anecdotes and oh she knows my weakness too and has a sensual way of making me squirm when she blatantly flaunts it in my face.. Have I been deceiving myself all this time though???;
” when one is in love, one always
begins by deceiving others. That
is what the world calls a
Had to chuckle at this though. So that is what a romance is?? Do you agree??


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