Chapters 5-6

Chapter 5-6
” Lips that Shakespeare taught
to speak have whispered their
secret in my ear”
Deceiving others is painful and belies an arrogance which I find abhorrent and completely at odds with my character and sense of goodness. I find some of the words I say to evoke feelings and emotions others may question and misconstrue. This is essentially because words and actions should run not parallel, but should merge and be one. Someone very wise and perceptive pointed out that to me recently.
I totally agree with those sentiments and believe them to be something so simple as to be something people should love by. Its as if;
” thin lipped wisdom spoke to
her from a worn chair, hinted
at prudence, quoted from that
book of cowardice whose
author apes the name of
common sense..”
Oh, how very quaint and TRUE in so many ways that is. Nothing as grandiose, as a statement which opens your very soul to new sensations and feelings. Which shows you how very fragile and vulnerable we all are. How in touch we have to be with our inner being and how nothing should be taken for granted.
So we can never fault women for defending themselves;
” Women defend themselves by
attacking, just as they attack
by sudden and strange
surrenders ”
I have also observed though, that;
” Whenever a man does a
thoroughly stupid thing, it is
always from their noblest
Should I, then hide behind this and plead insanity derived from sentimentality for my crazy and inexplicable actions? Inexplicable because they contradict my words, make me question myself and my intentions, when the intention alas is to strengthen the words I say and mean wholeheartedly. Aaaargh!!
” To be in love is to surpass
oneself ”
I keep this in mind always and believe that;
” if a personality fascinates me,
whatever mode of expression
that personality selects is
absolutely delightful to me ”
That is as about as honest as I can ever be when it comes to relationships. I get rid of the unselfishness and absolutely fawn at her its feet.
She would rather not be on a pedestal, but I have to make her see that;
” The reason we all like to think
so well of others is that we are
all afraid of ourselves.. The
basis of optimism is sheer
terror. ”
She is muse the reason I smile and write.. Venus in every sense, Papillon to you all!!


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