The Rave.. Part I

Just got hit with nostalgia. Remember this day a couple of years back that was downright something both hilarious and epic.

So am just chilling lazy day and all and my next oan calls me with a plan. Says there’s a rave we can crash if am upto it and it turns out I know the guy who’s throwing it. So me being me I say why not, so he comes through and picks me up by my place and we hit the Tops for something hard and aged and some ice. We rolling to the sounds of The Roots and Wu Tang just straight hip hoping. Here i was feeling the beat at the back of my head. 21 beats and all doing my best impression of Tony Starks and he’s doing his Black Thought thang. Man oh man everything after that seems to be a blur even now. The way we got totally sloshed was something epic.

We got a bottle or two and two glasses, blame it on a lack of foresight from us. So we start hitting it in the parking lot chilling on the hood of the car checking out the chics walking by with the same idea as us. Now my boy thinks he got game like a baller so he goes into his mac mode which to be frank am not gonna comment about. Well lets just say it wasn’t pretty, it was downright embarrassing and a total freefall. You would have thought the guy was in his birthday suit the way his game was expossed!! I srill laugh at that shit..

So having hit that brick wall we decided Colby and i that the sensible thing was to change joints so we hit the other open air drinking spot and all is good with the world we feel. We kill the first bottle so we decide to get a second bottle which turns out to be a not a so brilliant idea. We ought to have really stuck with castle lite or just any lager that doesn’t require atleast 12years to be considered drinkable..
So we get to drinking and this on the rocks mind you, just straight feeling it and all just how I like it. Colby comes up with the not so brilliant idea to hit club instead of the rave my guy was throwing at his place. So we drive through to this club and first thing we notice when we roll through the entrance were these funny cliques in the downstairs bar. I mean there’s these cliques all over the ber everybody is doing themselves and the atmosphere is just nasty. Even the honnies were bugging. So my guy starts throwing a tantrum being loud and all feeling the full effects of two bottles of whisky that there is no love and all these dudes in the were a bunch of wankstars and wussies!!! Shouts bollocks and starts throwing the finger around daring er’one to step to him.
Am sitting there just laughing to myself that my guy has gone off the rocker as usual. So I pull him up and we hit the upstairs club and all these guys are throwing dagger eyes at us just inching for a throw down. My guy ain’t having that though and he’s as defiant as a mofo. Eyes bloodshot and a cigarette hanging from his lips and it was a no smoking bar at that. Feel like one myself but I figure one of us has to be the sane one. Well atleast the one with the relatively clearer head in case it all goes south cause the bartender a hulking fellow think a morphing of the Wolverine and Brock Lesner is now focused on us. Am like damn shit might get real and fast.
We get to the club door and *just can’t help laughing this* but guy now starts trying to do what any sane club hopper does apparently broke or loaded and “negotiate” with the doorman, but guy wasn’t having none of that. He was this huge Nigerian looking oan. Behind us were the guys from the bar just sneering at us and we just rolling with that I don’t give a fuck attitude. Am letting Colby do the talking and this was a high class joint to boot.. Well needless to say we finally get in and joint is packed with honnies all over.
We getting our groove on enjoying the scene when we see that the place has a v.i.p spot. All private and all.. Ha ha ha should have seen the expression on my guys’ face. He goes into serious mac mode and tries the door routine at the veep door with seriously hilarious results…


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