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Hip Hop Super Groups
Have wanted to do this one blog for quite some time, but have just been procastinating about doing it way too much.. Work has had me by the gonnards!! Here it is, my top five Hip-Hop groups or duos of all time!!!
1• Wu Tang Clan
Officially 20+ years since they came out with Enter the 36 Chambers there is no argument about the biggest and best hip hop group of all time.. The Wu Tang Clan came out with a unique style and had 9 of the dopest and realest MCs to ever come out, Inspector Deck, Method Man, Rza, Gza, Master Killah, U God, Raekwon, GhostFace Killah and Ol’ Dirty Bastard and unofficially (Cappadona)!!! Straight out of the streets of Shaolin they came and changed hip hop and redefined it as an artform..
Blessed with who I consider as the best Producer of all time in hip hop, The Rza (Rzaractor), they have been had it all. Looking at their influence as the group and not as solo artists they have killed the game and competition literally. From Protect your neck to Triumph to M.G.M to M.E.T.H.O.D MAN to The Projects to Its Yours and Reunited and this just in the 90’s. I could go on and list a whole plethora of tracks and the groups that came out influenced by this, their style and considered greats in their own right. Sons of Man, The Gravediggers and Killer Army are just a few names that come to me right now.
Who can dispute the classic that is TRIUMPH as the biggest and ultimate soundtrack to hip hop.. What defines it and epitomises it?? Well 9 MCs, no hook and on a beat produced by the Rza!!! Hip hop has never been the same since.. First time I heard it and then saw the video I reached for a pen and pad so I could write down the lyrics. It was just that sick!! The creators of Wu Wear and owners of a brand that’s the W!!!
From Decks’ verse I bomb atomically. Socrates philosophies and hypothesis can’t define… No man, I just can’t !!!
2• BlackStar
Mos Def and Talib Kweli!!! God damn. Not originally a group but solo artists who came together to spit verbal carnage on the mic. The proponents of lyrical masterbation I have nothing but good to say about the Brooklyn duo.. Throw in Hi Tek, another top five DJ in my book, they just a cut about anything past and present.
Tracks like Twice in a Lifetime and Brown Skin Lady to Defination and Re-Defination!! Production and lyrical arrangements surpass any superlative I can muster.. They have an ability to interchange and interflow. Merge and remerge. Lyrically handsomeness and verbal ejaculation is their forte.Talib is just Talib and Mos is Bigger Black!!! BlackStar!!!
3• Gangstarr
Should have been my number two but didn’t want a tie. DJ Premier , hmmm what can I say?? You my number two all time producer just behind Rza.. I can’t say enough good things about the man who is the king of the breaks.. Know hip hop and you know what I mean. So old school he is old school defined. Preemo hasn’t altered anything to become mainstream cause he doesn’t need to. Search your hip hop library for any album that’s a classic and you will see his track on that or his influence on it. From Illmatic through the years he has held it down.
Now put him together with GURU an acronym for Gifted Universal Rhymes Unlimited, the guy is truly gifted and had a superior flow and delivery. Moment of Truth, The Militia are some of my favs. Even if we were to go to his “solo” albums i.e the Jazzmatazz series, you can note his versatility from tracks with Macy Gray to Jill Scott this MC defined the laid back and brilliant.
R.I.P to one of the all time greats!!! More than just an artist, but a blueprint to the game..
4• Roots
This Philly crew fronted by Black Thoughts and ?uest Love was just straight nasty and bananas. Thoughts was on a level comparable to Mos, Kweli, Common and Guru, those conscious rappers that make you think and feel more than just the beat. ?uest Love just as artistically gifted moreso, production wise, and on the drums.. Any doubt think Jay Z’s Fade to Blacc the concert.. No DJ, but ?uest Love and crew on the live instruments. And am not just talking Jay but any hip hop beat they can recreate!!
Illadelph Halflife their Magnus Opus in my book, was just a classic in every sense from top to bottom. No track was/is wack on that album. You can’t help but nod to the whole album and you won’t wanna skip a single track.
Their best track though is Clones.. I mean what the fuck was that??? I can’t listen to that track sober it messes me up way too much. Its just ridiculous and its speed on crack, x and any other hybrid drug out there!!! Shit.. If you haven’t listened to it then go hard and experience an ear orgasm .. Say it with me Eargasm!!!
5• Dead PREZ
Dead PREZ came out at a time I was in a space where I really was on a conscious tip and they resonated with me on every level. Stik Mans’ beats and flow had a way of just hitting the spot. From their first track on an album, they were just on a revolutionary tip that made/makes you stand up and take notice. It made you want to be a Black Panther, a lover and a Realist.
Mind Sex made me wanna fall in love.. And I did!!
Honourable mention to the groups that should have made the five and would have on a different day and are in no particular order;
Slum Village
On the strength of J Dilla.. Tainted.. anyone??
Sticky Fingaz and Fredrro Starr brought a style that was straight brashness and in your face!!! Sun Seez the third member though low key was also in your face. The group that really did shoot up the BETs deserve a spot!! Shut ’em Down!!!
Mobb Deep
Prodigy and Havoc raised me and made me the man I am today. From Shook Ones to Hell on Earth and Infamy. Hav is a God among producers and P can hold his own weight with most MCs.
Pete Rock and C.L Smooth
The Soul Brother Pete Rock and King of the 21 beats and Horns. Pete Rock has been a steady influence on my listening tastes. My number three Producer of all time. Am still sore they split when they did.
Dialated People
Evidence!!! What more can I say? DJ Babu and the scratches on stereophonic!!!
A Tribe Called Quest
Q Tip yes sir!!! Remember those pink and lime green audio tapes you was listening to in ’97 and ’98 just going crazy.. Bootlegs but magic. Find a Way!!!
Lost Boyz
Mr Cheeks, Freaky Tah, Pretty Lou and Nice.. Were the first hip hop act that came to Zim. Think I was form two or three by then but man they made an impact on me and had, even before then. Summertime, Renee, Me and my Crazy World the Dreadlocked quartet from Jamaica Queens deserve honourable mention..
On Big L’s back, though they that good individually and collectively.
Though “Mainstream” and they told you to get Jiggy with it, they still made a vast impact on me. Jadakiss, Styles P and Sheek Louch. Money, Power and Respect was The Album, and, what we thought of as soft in the fourth form. Still a classic though..
Listen to Bars off Tony Touch’s The PieceMaker 3 The return of the 50 MCs if you doubt this trio.. Or “Fuck You” the track!!!
•Dogg Pound


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