Massacre of the fake masses gun powder stench weighs heavy on the air, corpses of foney mc’s litter the pavements of these streets we call home. The battles are done the war is won the opposition bows down white flags in the air. Shallow graves for the defeated pity they had no flare in this verbal warfare. Newly elected government and new anthems ideologies written in the city square. Spread on the social media viral that’s how this information is to be shared. How dare they attempt to coup realness with no idea of what the cranium holds in its arsenal. Spit nuclear bars against their little bars of soap and bullets. Gone like the wind no stains on my memory. Fed to maggots their flesh beneath my feet decomposes. Defeat their destiny like fortold prophesies of scripture. No skill was their ill now they lie still in caskets woven from reed baskets these bastards. Back to the helm of this legs crossed on the throne business. Master mind of a new kind leaving these fools blind… Press Rewind..


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