Captains Log; Stardate • Easter Monday 2015
It had been one of those long weekends that came with that delicatable smidgen of drama coupled with a slightly tangy tasting side dish of beef mixed with a gentle seasoning of debauchery. After all this I was bereft of any good feelings towards it save a gnawing and persistent craving for some me-time, some bloody Goddamn me-time!! Time for what you may wonder, so do I, but time and space I just needed in spades. I had travelled quite a bit as well so by body had just caught up with all that.

So I was sitting (spelled lounging feet up) on the couch dismally trying to get over my sore lower back, which at this point was making me wish I could just find an amicable way to repose when I got a call from the ex. One of those unexpected things I loathe because well, it never ends well for either of us. Details though would have me writing a novella of sorts which however, it is not my intention to do so as i would only come out ignoble in any respect so, no, not today hey.

That being said, I was busy playing a mental game of coming up with witty repartees to imaginery statements while watching some sport my favourite passtime. Such was the malarkey going on in my head. It was during one of the brighter wisecracks I had come up with by then that a thought occurred to me, that, nature abhors division. This I derived from the fact that in most cases birds of a feather do flock together more so than not. It made me really think and evaluate a lot of things about my life.

It was one of those look at your friends and acquaintances moment that has you wondering why you surrounded by such and such. You begin to realise you got that friend that has his hand out 24/7 and calls you on a Thursday to see what’s up for the weekend, on you, of cause. He basically never comes out of his own pocket but designates himself as the official wingman and the ultimate yes man who actually blocks your other friends from you.

He’s the guy that wants to be sent to the counter so he pockets the change no matter how big the note you gave him is. Basically a no good well, there’s no polite word for it but douche. He’s also the one that’s gonna go through your pockets when way too imbibed to know any better. He has no qualms about getting a 100 out of your wallet but you would still consider him a friend because well you would have grown up together.

You end up being that guy making excuses for him based on that, as he is the guy you went to pre school with and have known since you guys were five. He is literally family in every respect but blood.

That being said and noted the question that kept coming back to me was since that’s the case and you basically more than just mates are you and him the same since nature abhors division. Judge me by my friends and all that malarkey.

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