The Ruse

An artifice; trick; stratagem; wile; fraud; deceit. [F., fr. OF. reüser rehuser, to turn aside, to shuffle, retreat, fr. L. recusare to refuse; pref. re- again + causa cause. See Cause, and cf. Recusant]

Being quite entrenched in work for some time now, I have had little to no time for social media be it Blogging, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or any other form it comes in these days. Oh and especially my old nemesis Whatsapp!!! I have thus lacked the requisite outlet for my thoughts and “mental farts”, do pardon my French and allow me leeway there.

That said, i came across something the other day that had me itching to put my thoughts to print or just to put them down and “ruminate” over. I, in essence came across a RUSE propagated by non other than an infrequent business acquaintance of mine. It was so elaborate and well thought out that it had me admiring the craftiness of it all and the sheer brilliance he exhibited in pulling it off. I know I ought to be ashamed confessing to such admiration but I can not but help myself.

A RUSE most usually is a lie that’s within a lie that’s within another lie and is usually done so to ensnare. It can therefore be as complex as a masque and just as intricate in design and execution. It requires patience and diligence to execute and an uncanny ability to read events in the present as well as in the future, that is, to foresee events which have not yet occurred and how those events will be tackled once they do occur. Meticulous planning is therefore essential and a prerequisite for any successful ruse.

To see through one can be a thing of brilliance and beauty which only a few can actually do and accomplish. It is usually masked in a myriad of different scenarios the chief of which being flattery and lulling one into a FALSE sense of confidence. I have observed though, that flattery is a cheap distraction from the truth that grifters use to accomplish their ends and as an accompaniment and part of their ruse. The right words and just the requisite subtle actions can work wonders more so than any honesty can ever achieve which to be frank, is the biggest anomaly that life has thrown our way. When honesty achieves less than sugar coated words, oh what a traversty that is!! A TRUE stain and mark against us as humans.

What i have noticed about myself though, is that there is a streak of stubbornness in me, some mute, unsubjugated piece of my genetic inheritance that always has me believing that I could never in all honesty fall for a ruse. That i am too street smart, am too worldly and possessed of a high enough IQ to see through anything that might be thrown my way. I always believe i am sentient, sharp and presciently cognizant. Knowledge however precludes knowledge; in some sense the effort to understand reality prevents comprehension and leaves us all to vulnerability. And with this vulnerability comes the opening that bland chicanery needs and exploits.

These specialists in moral legerdemain still do not scare me though, I actually welcome the challenge to match wits with them. What a fitting challenging it would be, a battle of wits like non other. I don’t foresee myself with a look spectral and condemned, as if stricken by my own mortality after falling victim to a RUSE, so to my acquaintance I referred to earlier on, you welcome to try mate. You no salesman and I am not buying what you selling.

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