Blue Mondays and other shit!!


So am laying in bed thinking of a plan something to make the ache in my nuts disappear.. The pain is unbearable but I brought it upon myself. My muse, my Papillon, can I really put this on her like a coward and profess ignorance to a wondering mind? My mind though warped as it is seems of late to only wonder in her direction. Hmmm was that justification??? The cowards route I just took, or maybe its the truth? Such conflicting thoughts serve little purpose but to muddle and lead to a waffling of my thoughts.

Guess am just in that frame of mind, after all I am writing about blue balls on a Monday morning in bed at 10am. Ha ha ha oh how you mock me Monday. You would I rather slave at the masters table making him rich while I ache?? I say no to that. Will not give you that satisfaction of owning me like that. That honour have reserved for someone else. Oh yes for Papillon to take if she pleases.

To be at her beck and call calling her ma’am and enjoying the sultry sensations she would bestow upon me. Through lips, whip, heels and leather or just the old fashioned way the slow sensual way.

Damn this mind of mine it curses me at every turn. I wonder though would a lobotomy do the trick to purge the yearnings and cravings or it’s just a fools errant after all I am dealing with a daughter of Zeus and a GODDESS in her own right.

Oh well let me go back to musing on what to do with these confounded blue balls.. Oh I know how about another shower??? Sounds good.

Oh, and this is just a release.

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