Fade to black..

The colour black

They made it evil
Made it not beautiful
Made it vile
Complicated the simple
The colour of night
Made day bright
Made night dark
The night painted us
Melanin protective
They chose to make us hate us
Withdrew our love of ourselves from us
Black they said was impurity
An anomaly, what I’d call an abnormal anomality.. A paradox that’s reality!!

Colonised us
Bleached our conscience
White washed us with their nonsense
Took pride from us
False civilised us
Made slaves of us
Shipped us off to build what constructs their lust
So black on black we hate us
Fight ourselves we kill us
Where will we find us
Rediscover strength in the numbers
Time is wasted and way past

We need to refine our importance
Need to rebuild our shattered walls put the war back in us
Rekindle the flickering romance
That is UBUNTU, oneness
But every journey begins with a single step
The destination is certain
The route? Well not so much

Children of the African soil
That upon which we toil
Sweat and tears under the sun, we boil
Burn at one end like a cigarette or piece of coil
Our crude beauty is that of thick black oil
We are flammable, revolt fuel, we are ÆTHER!!

Liquid jewellery we are, Great, just unknown
We are not UNITED so apart, down we are blown
wind of white deceit
Termites, white greed
We have families to feed
We have unique black needs

The colour of the kinky afro and of the eternal companion the shadow
The colour of the sky before tomorrow

The colour black… Inspired by Talib Kweli and Mos Defs’ Re; Definition!!

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