Guilty as charged

My guilty pleasures.. What every man needs on an easy Sunday afternoon!!

Guilty pleasures, what are they really? Hmmm, and can I really say about them in a light that gives them their proper standing in my life?

Well personally i have a couple that give me absolute pleasure but some people would actually regard these as a waste of either time or money.. I will endevour to write about five of these but seeing as i am in the middle of watching Eric Cartman, Butters and company cause more chaos and riots on South Park we’ll see if i actually make the count.

• Animation/ Anime

Now when I say animation I know some of you are going to probably be thinking how can a grown ass man be wasting time on something meant for kids, but let me break it down for you. I can, given the time spend a whole day watching animation and/or anime and by the way there is a actually difference between the two. Lego is not so bad either.

Let me start by listing my favourite animated series’ in no particular order and please note 90.9% are Rated R..

# South Park
# Boondocks
# Brickleberry
# Family guy
# Cleveland Show
# Naruto

This is just a sample size of the ones I watch and I might keep going on forever if I don’t stick to those. The thing is, I find a certain level of candidness in these series especially given that they are not afraid to break barriers and confront issues head on. They use satire to make us laugh at ourselves but at the same time to make us see where we err.

South Park has been the trailblazer in this as across 19+ years/seasons it has managed to address every issue imaginable. From HIV/AIDS, ADD, LGBT, Memes, Stem cell research, Obesity, Drones, The Passion etc the list does tend to be endless. These fourth graders Eric, Stan, Kyle and Kenny find themselves in a different situation everyday confronting different issues.. Beyond the profanity South Park is actually something worth watching.

Boondocks is another animated series that I like as it brings black issues to the fore past, present and future. It explores how we idolise the rap culture, how we blame the white man for all our problems, how financial slavery can be a real thing, how we miss the point in regards to what’s really important and how we as a people has lost ourselves and can’t seem to be able to find our way back.

Riley is the anti-thesis of what Huey represents in regard to black consciousness and world view. Riley tends to be the post College Dropout Kanye the Mr Khardashian the guy wrapped up in hubris and stuck up his own ass and with a warped sense of reality. Riley is also the streets, all about the “life” i.e Hip Hop, Ball, Graffiti and shining while Huey tries to conscietise through the Soap Box..

Huey is black power and having being named after a famous black revolutionary it stands to reason. He’s a Black Panther, Martin Luther King, Malcom X and Rosa Parks amalgamation.. He is what we should aspire for!!

• Comic Books and Gaming

Yeah i read and play those.. Got hooked back in grade school and have never really looked back ever since. Give me anything DC or Marvel inspired and am instantly hooked. The Flash, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Superman, X- Men, Guardians of the Galaxy etc

I still game here and there and thoroughly enjoy it when I do so. Come on, one needs the release, all work and no play would make Ngonie quite a grumpy old man. I still enjoy a bit of God of War a lot of Fifa and NBA2k. I remember my first playstation and I actually laugh at how outdated a PSone now seems compared to what’s flying about these days. It served the purpose though especially after lectures and during drunken binges where we would bet on Grand Tourismo, Fifa and Pro Evo Soccer.. Oh, the good old days. ***sigh!!

• Epics -Game of Thrones in particular

Give me G.o.T any day and you and i will be the beat of chums for eternity. You must understand something though. For me the telly is like kin. I actually enjoy getting lost within its realm. It balances out reality. It’s reality versus fiction brought to the fore!!

From the first day I saw my first episode of G.o.T I knew I was in trouble. The plots, the sub plots and the constant guessing that one has to do when they watch it always makes it a must see for me. One thing I truly like about it is that no ones safe from someone we might perceive as the stalwart of the series like Ned Stark for example, gets his head chopped off in the first season. That’s when you know that you definitely got something good and worth the hour or so per episode.

Was tired of watching do gooders in series who were self righteous and outright pompous who got shot at a million times but somehow they never managed to get a scratch on themselves even but with only six bullets in their clip. The guys who somehow gun down the sixty bad guys shooting at them.. What fuckery and utter bullshit!!! Made me feel like puking most of the time.

• Books

This is the one guilty pleasure that I never really feel guilty about. I absolutely enjoy reading a good book. Homer, Wilde, Doyle, Poe, Stoker, Lord Byron, Dickens etc. You must have guessed that my favourite genre of literature is the the old classics just from the authors listed. Am an old head at heart and I guess and i derive as much if not more pleasure from these as from anything else that could be termed as fun. I mean, what sane person can’t get lost in pages that entrance and captivate not to mention inform. Troy, Odysseus, Frankensteins monster, Dorian Gray, Captain Ahab and Dracula to mention but just a few.

I am one of those few people who believe that a great book, scratch that, any averagely good book is better than the best Oscar winning movie that Hollywood can ever and will ever produce. Lets be honest, when has Hollywood ever gotten the adaptation of a book right for the big screen? The closest they came to doing that was in some of the Harry Potter movies. Read the books so am a bit of an authority..

Am definitely all about a hard back but in this the modern era I don’t shy away from eBooks also. I actually have way more of those than hardcovers. Am actually re-reading Melville’s Moby Dick right now, a copy so dog eared it tells it’s own story. It’s a sort of nightly ritual I adhere to with religious fever. Even on those occasions I go out and come back more than slightly imbibed.

I don’t think that i’ve actually gotten to the five I had set out for and also seem to have left out Scrabble and Pool as well but hey Stan and Kyle have just gone on one of their lets save the world (South Park) missions. Let me concentrate on that for now..

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