Over Easter I did a lot of travelling necessited partially by a doctors appointment and the need for a couple of x rays and brain scans. That though, is a story for another time and day. What really intrigued me as I moved up and and down was the huge number of vehicles now prevelant upon Zimbabwes’ roads. From Beitbridge to Harare traffic at some points moves at a snails pace.

Now this is not in itself something that intrigues the mind or even leaves it in awe. What got me was the names of the said vehicles. Most of them I noticed were Toyotas which is a great brand and name but the makes that are to be found on my beloved country’s roads though; let me list a couple


Now if you someone who’s observant you’ve already seen where am going with this. It actually stuck me as both hilarious and a bit startling that having grown up with peers who had the same said names there are now to be associated with Be Forward bought sedans. There really is nothing wrong with these names or the cars as a matter of fact but damn it was my first time coming across a plethora of automobiles with what can be regarded as human names and not just pet names like calling your car Bruno or something.

Is it that the Japanese are running out of names for their vehicles or just that they have incentivised their creative process to name each vehicle after the chief designer? So now when someone says I got Noah outside they are actually referring to their mode of transport to and fro and not a cousin or cab man.

Great cars but couldn’t the Japanese have come up with names a little less on the left side. Maybe they were just going for musculinity in some and feminity in others, who really knows.

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