Valar Morghulis!!

Valar morghulis!! Ever since I watched my first episode of Game of Thrones in, was it 2010, yes I think so. I have been captivated and kept on the edge of my toes. The mere fact that no ones safe on this fantasy drama at first was a source of consternation for me but i have come to look forward to the who’s next debate. From Eddard Stark to John Snow its been an endless flow of blood and gore tinged with eroticism and seasoned with classic battles. Oh man, oh man it tingles my nerves. My first impression of this series has been proved to be oh quite so correct.

But I honestly do digress a bit, this is not about Arya Stark and the the God of many faces. I want to talk about how awkward first impressions can be and how even when way past puberty and it’s pitfalls meeting someone you like for the first time can be the most fearful thing one can do. That said i am going to do this. We are going to call her, ummm, L. Sounds about right, though kind of obvious I guess but where’s the fun in subtlety?

So back then I liked twitter that much though i can’t really say I was addicted. I find I have never been to such things. I have a knowing feeling that I go through phases and if someone on a particular social network does really have tickle my fancy I would then thus really enjoy being online. Twitter though served a dual purpose also as an avenue for my mental farts and faux intellectual disposition.. Winks*

Anyway there I was one day sparring with the one guy who could spar with me on any subject any genre any topic and L pops up on my TL with a very curious tweet. It was something that really caught my eye that had been retweeted by someone i followed. So me being me my interest was piqued and I go to her TL and I see, was it Book Whore not sure but something like that on her profile and I was like damn I want some of that so I follow the said book whore.. Ha ha ha*

L followed back and am not really ashamed to say I kind of stalked the account for a bit bidding my time. Seems strange how nervous I could be about something like sending a tweet. Hell this was the internet. What’s the worst that could happen? So I tweet her something and she hit me back and we kind of got talking about our mutual passion, books. Talked about writing and how it had been a while for both of us. Decided we would write something. Nooo!! Actually she made me write something for her first which I did after like 10years without putting any thoughts on paper. She served as the muse and has been since. I owe you one L!!

So I write something for her and email the piece. I guess she enjoyed it but it was a bit of rusty, shoddy work on my part. Felt like a virgin groping in the dark. Anyway from that email morphed a sequence of emails that have been a source of quite the interesting read for me then and since. I was like damn. How is it possible one can be so captivated by someone one hasn’t even met yet? How can a grown ass man be aroused by a non arousal email. Perv!! Hell I became a sapiosexual there and then.

Somewhere along the line I got L’s number and we were texting back and forth on app. We got to talking about the ultimate fantasy and she was like nah I’ll send a voice note of my one. When I got it I was like holy shit. I almost creamed my boxers, hell I got blue balls from that voice note. It was that erotic, well to me at least. It was more about the voice and how she made it all sultry and undeniably come hither. Chuckles* I knew then that I had to meet her and see this Goddess manifested in human form.
A couple of months down the line we were both in Zim at the same time so we decided to meet up. Think we were supposed to meet up around 1/2pm not sure now but she kind of got delayed. So there I was in town from like 11am with just thoughts of her racing through my head. So for a time am calling and she’s not picking up and am like damn has my bubble just been burst? It got me down a bit thinking the goddess had no human form and i headed into the nearest bar for just something to do. Bought me a 20 pack of Newbury Filters and a Zambezi and just blazed away. So am thinking that’s that enjoying some cricket on telly in the bar and she hits me up. Says she can see me for like a minute cause she’s running late and has to be home soon.

So here I am half crunked smelling of ciggies and I have to meet this goddess come flesh. My heart started racing against itself. Not a great feeling when you’ve been drinking to be honest. I jumped out of the bar and couldn’t even find gum or mints close by having been worried she didn’t and wouldn’t approve the drinking and smell of smokes first time I saw her. Somehow my nerves wouldn’t calm themselves down so I hit one then two ciggies and went to meet up with her.

My first impression was hold up. Yeah that’s what am talking about. Thing is I was so shook don’t think I even gave her a hug. Lol, my excuse still is the smell of ciggies on my breath had me trying to keep my distance. Talked to her for like a minute or two and then she had to bounce but felt it was worth it. My heart did settle after that and but balls churned a bit.

Don’t know what I did afterwards but think I went back to the bar and hit two more. Later on when I got home she hit me up with something like she liked what she saw and Ngonie said to himself you have no idea how that makes me feel!!..

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